Travels across the UK 24/5/13: Nottingham

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I started my travels to Nottingham relatively late in the day as I had a History exam earlier on in the morning. I pretty much ran to the train station after my exams and boarded the train. Shortly after I began to mug for my International Relations exam that I had a few days later after the notorious Slam D(r)unk weekend. Upon arrival in Nottingham, it was pretty much past doors time at Rock City so I didn’t get to look around the city much. However, I have been to Nottingham several times this year and it is my favorite city to party in. Therefore it didn’t bother me too much that I didn’t get to take pictures of pretty buildings and so forth.
Getting out of the cab I quickly dumped my bag in the cloak room of the venue and made my way down to the basement of rock city and got a Jack and coke. Natives were half way through their set at this point so I scanned the room for some friends and caught up with them. During Action Item’s set I tried to make my way towards the front to say ‘hi’ to my friends Summer and Sian. Summer and I snapped this beauty of a photo which reminds me of L’oreal adverts.
After the show, I hung around a bit catching up with Sian and debating going out for a few drinks after the show. In the end we felt too cold and tired to even want to go out to the Rescue rooms. Instead, Madi and I decided to go get some burgers and have a good nights sleep before our extremely early train to Leeds the next morning.
I understand that this blog post isn’t exactly the most interesting, it was a little bit of a quick visit to Nottingham. I was meant to meet up with my buddy Dhanu after the show, but he forgot he was going to a house party. Hopefully my stories from the other days of my travels prove to be more interesting.

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