Travels Across the UK: Bristol 21/5/13.

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After a long bus back from Oxford to London to stay at Madi’s for the night, we made our way to get the bus from London to Bristol. Technically I could of stayed at my house as I lived in a suburb of Bristol, however we chose our trusted travelodge over a £35 taxi. Madison and I spent most of the day wandering around Bristol. Obviously, you cannot go to a show in Bristol without having Frozen yogurt from Angelberry. Pre-show Froyo’s are a tradition for me. Anyways, Madison and I got some froyo and this time she didn’t get a nut allergy yay.  We checked into our travelodge did our hair and make up as per usual and then headed to Thekla after a quick pasta meal from Sainsbury’s. Obviously, we didn’t leave our hotel without camwhoring with photos. image
My friends in Rumours were supporting the summer set as local support and it was good to hang around with some good friends before and after their set. There were also many friends that I hadn’t seen in long such as Ben at the show.
Overall, it was an enjoyable night even though Dave kept pestering me because he was worried I had not revised for my government exam the next day. After the show, I hung around venue whilst Laura gathered her friends to go to the Elbow rooms. Ale, Dan and Jamie went to get some subs. In the meantime, I was graced with the brilliant company of Josh and the crazy hilarious antics of John and Kosub who claimed they could create explosions in the water by throwing cans in.
Once Ale and crew returned, we established that everyone was far too tired to go out and party and thus Dan walked Madi and I back to the hotel. We proceeded to put our belongings down and head down to our beloved Travelodge bar for our post show food. At the bar was Stephen and Jess, who are both lovely individuals. Madi offered to pay for my food and Jess joked around asking Madi to buy her something too. In the end, I chose to pay for our meal of french fries as it was simply easier as I had my card out.  Little did we know that the most hilarious part of our night was yet to come. After two minutes of being sat down with our food, John walks into the room telling us in a hilarious manner about the kebab he had and how our food looked good and wanted some of it. At this point Graham came in and escorted John out of the bar as he needed sleep.
Madi and I decided that it would be a great idea to then order 6 shots of Sambucca and Sourz. I don’t think Madi appreciated the taste of Sambucca at all and I ended up having all her shots. After several jokes by Stephen about drinking I decided it was time for bed. I had an early train the next day which I almost missed and an exam. The next day was not my day, due to my drunken antics the night before. But hey, I passed the exam with a first in the module so I can’t really complain.
I think what I enjoyed the most about my short stop in my hometown was the fact that I genuinely realized how much I value my friends. A few hours with people you don’t see very often is very enlightening. The hilarious memories are something that I know I will cherish for the rest of my existence.

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