Travels Across the UK: Cardiff 22/5/13

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It is fortunate that I am an individual who very rarely suffers from hangovers. But on this day I was cursed to be actually still drunk from the night before.  Waking up at 6 am and running to temple meads for my train was too much for me. Let alone the fact I had an exam to attend later that morning did not cheer me up. My poor luck and lack of judgement almost caused me to get onto a train to Severn Beach ( again, this is not the first time) instead of Cardiff Central. After realising I was at the wrong platform, I quickly dashed across the station to the right train and boarded it with seconds to spare.
Upon arrival in Cardiff, I took a short nap and made the trek to Talybont to take my exam. The exam proved to be pretty easy.  The questions that came up were in my favour and were on constitutions. All my favourite political quotes are on the flexibility of the British constitution, and of course I used them all.  After the exam, Kat and I headed to hers to devour some left over Pizza. At that point I expressed that I felt like a pepperoni pizza and I made a weird philosophical theory about pizza. I’m genuinely surprised I still have friends despite the odd theories I come up with.
We met Madi at the station and headed to the venue. Obviously the pre show ritual of drinking Dragon soop had begun at this point. I mean look at the pretty cans.image
When we got into the show we were pretty tipsy but not too drunk, which is always good because getting kicked out would suck. Throughout the Natives set  and Action Item’s, I constantly went back and forth to the bar to get my whiskey and tequila fix. I mean who doesn’t love a little Jameson now and then?  Most of the sets we spent dancing around and talking to random crowd members. Throughly enjoyed the night and even got to see Bethan and Chloe, who are always splendid company.
After the show, Kat decided she was too tired to come out with us. Madi and I waited around a bit and went to a bar with Anthony, Dan and John. When we walked into the bar Anthony was already pretty darn wasted and hilariously exclaimed how the night was a fuckin’ party as ” Nikki’s here, Madi’s here”. We sat around for one drink before we all filtered off after a good conversation about how fast Asian’s get drunk and other intelligent things. We hung around outside a bit and had a chat to Jess about the Philippines and Stephen about my oddly American sounded accent.
With large amounts of alcohol in our blood stream, Madi and I made our way to my glorious ” shit hole ” of a university dorm. Madi passed out on the street on the way to mine and was even drunk enough to lock me outside of my house with the help of my housemate. What an actual mess.
I didn’t appreciate this as there was a friendly rat on the loose outside. I love animals and all, but there is something about their tails that just really frightens me?  We also got into a weird conversation about my then vegetarianism and the amount of quorn that was in my fridge. Madi left early the next day for Kingston whilst I spent the entirety of the day curled up in bed not studying for my exam the next day. Ha.
Overall, I have not much to comment on Cardiff as I live here pretty much all the time, sans vacations where I stay at my parents in Bristol. However, I must add that CLWB IFOR BACH is probably one of my favourite small venues in the UK besides The Peel in Kingsto

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