Travels Across the Uk: Liverpool 30/5/13.

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I woke up at yet another ungodly hour of the morning to catch a train to Liverpool from Newcastle. Upon arrival in Liverpool we went on a search for breakfast which we eventually got in a department store for a good price that consisted of Beans, bread and like sausages. Following this we went to sit in the lobby of the Lord Nelson Hotel where Madi was staying so she could wait for check in with her friend. In the meantime we danced along to the chart show that was on the TV which had a plethora of jams such as Ke$ha’s latest single at the time.
After Madi checked in, we decided to go and search for my travelodge that I was staying in with Sian who was going to meet me later in the day. Google maps obviously pointed us in the direction of the wrong travelodge and we ended up walking 30 minutes in the wrong direction and being told we at the wrong one once we got there. By the time we trekked back across town and got to the right travelodge by the venue it was actually time for me to check in ( yay for not having to sit around waiting aimlessly for check in at 3). Upon arrival on my room, I realized that the room I had been given wash’t even clean. I went to complain and got and apology and a new room which was decent.  Madi then left to go back to her hotel. I took a nap and did a little studying on my Mac whilst waiting for Sian to text me to pick her up from the train station. About 4pm, Sian had arrived at Lime street and I went over to the station to buy us some mixer for our vodka that she had bought and bought some burger king  burgers to eat.
We headed back to the hotel and had our food and began pre drinks. Eventually we left our hotel and continued to drink outside the venue, obviously dragon soop. I was waiting for Madi to text me if John was gonna come out and see me after m&g to collect his dragon soop. However, he didn’t have time to collect it off me and asked me to leave it with Elis for safekeeping during the show which I did. I can’t remember much of the show but I know Sian and I spent most of our time stood by Anthony talking complete shit about how trashed he got in Newcastle the night before and comparing it to the night I went to a bar with him his band mates and John in Cardiff.  He claimed to not be as drunk as David made him out to be. Which I doubt was the case as he was pretty darn drunk in Cardiff.  He also tried some of Sian’s drink which he really enjoyed so we decided to buy him a drink.
After enjoyable sets by all the bands we decided to stand outside and talk to my friend Meg and a few others who were hanging about. Brian and Madi had their usual conversation about sleeping and eating.  I continued talking to Meg and chipping into Brian’s convo now and then. After John had met all his fans, he walked over and I had a conversation with him about Dragon soop yet again.  After all of our conversations, Sian and I made our way back to our hotel. On the way of course we bought some food for the festivities we were planning. We initially had planned to go out but instead, we changed our minds and decided to have a huge dorito feast instead.
Upon arrival at our travelodge, we ran into John in the lobby. He spun round and greeted us and engaged in another conversation. He asked if we were going to party and we politely informed him that we were going to just sit  like lame people in our hotel room and have a party that involved large amounts of doritos and catching up on sleep. After a few laughs Sian and I made it upstairs and cracked open cans of dragon soop to end the night. We even ended up sending John pictures of our little “party” via twitter which was quite hilarious. image

All in all, I feel that Liverpool is an interesting city full of friendly people. The accents around were very interesting and there seems to be an obsession with a Lord Nelson. I am still quite unsure about what the whole Lord Nelson thing is about, but I plan to google search it when I am free. I have not been back to Liverpool since May. However, I do plan to return to Liverpool on the 13th of November to see my favorite band The Maine play a show.  Perhaps this time, I will bring a decent camera and take a few shots of the city unlike last time.

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