Travels Across the UK: London 10th October 2013

by - 13:58

As far as I recollect, I made my way to London at a decent time of the day. This proved to be a sagacious decision as I was in a radically better mood to face the day. After numerous dreary hours on the megabus, I finally arrived in London. I promptly made my way to put money on my oyster card and aimed for Oxford Circus to devour some Chipotle. At, this point, if you don’t acknowledge the fact that I have a serious adoration for Mexican food then you don’t know me at all.
I didn’t take that many pictures of my time in London as I have been there an abundance of times in the past.  Moving on from Chipotle, I got back on the tube and headed for Brixton. I devoted most of the day chilled out in Starbucks before heading to the O2 Brixton to distribute some Rumours flyers. I also got to hang with some friend like Robyn at the show, which was really nice. I believe that of all the shows I had been to, SWS definitely played the best set at this show. The theatrics were incredible. Not only did the band sound amazing, they also had confetti and streamers in the later parts of their set.
We hung around for a bit after the show to talk to friends and then proceeded back to Madi’s house to get some food and rest. Honestly, not much happened on my trip to London. This however, was the second show I have ever been to at this venue and all I can say is that it definitely has stunning architecture. Hopefully my next blog is more entertaining than this short one. xo

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