Travels Across the UK: Manchester 1/6/13

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The travel up to manchester on Virgin Trains was pleasant  compared to that on Arriva trains. The trains were a lot more modern, clean and comfortable. Upon arrival in Manchester, I was hungry again and it was almost lunch time. I therefore made the decision to walk to M&S to get myself a Pasta salad and peach water. It was the final day and last stop of my May travels. Manchester has always been one of my favorite cities to be in. There is a wide selection of activities to engage in and more importantly an amazing city center to shop in. The first time I went to Manchester, I certainly shopped more than this visit.. This time on the other hand, I had visiting friends on the agenda so I prioritized that.
Madi and I walked about the city center a bit and sat in Cafe Nero to have another slice of Red Velvet cake. We were feeling significantly better and I could actually enjoy the cake. We then decided to make our way to our hotel as it was a 40 minute walk away from the city center. Somewhere along the walk I attained a taco bell balloon which I named Pedro.
We  took our time occasionally stopping outside university to sit on their benches and just chill because we literally were so exhausted at that point.  Arriving at the hotel, Madi attempted to check in. The hotel was the sketchiest looking place on the face of the planet Earth. So sketchy, that the name of the hotel escapes me. I never ever in a million years want to return to the world’s most ratchet establishment. Madi realized that they had not taken the payment and her mom had to send her the money for the hotel. image
The hotel room was falling apart and looked like it looked as sketchy as those murder motel movies. To be entirely honest, we couldn’t wait to get out of the place fast enough. We therefore quickly gathered our belongings and made a swift exit from the hotel to meet our friends who had bought us Taco bell outside the Deaf Institute. I sat down ate my lunch and took a few selfies with everyone. I’m so happy that I got to see Stephanie in particular as she is an amazing friend who I share a lot of things with and occasionally bitch too. She’s a great friend and I’m happy that I got to see her.
I also got to see some lovely Scottish friends at this show too. Whilst I remember, on the way to the venue I managed to bag myself some Cherry Vanilla dragon soop. I’ve never seen this flavor of dragon soop anywhere in the South or in Wales. I feel as though this has got to be my favorite flavor of the drink so far.
Inside the venue, I was left on my own as my friends went off to the front. I stuck around the two girls that I had met in the line. They were perfectly friendly and a joy to be around. I occasionally wandered off to the merch stand to talk to Anthony about the whole tour and how great everyone had been. At that point we discussed plans to get drunk one last time before everyone headed off. We also started to get very emotional about the fact that everyone was leaving.
After the sets, I went outside to meet Lisa and Cayla who were meant to go out with me and some of the guys in Action Item. However, they were staying at a hotel near the airport and  they couldn’t come back out after.  I said my goodbyes and talked to John for a bit and gave everyone hugs before heading back to the ratchet hotel to get some sleep before my train the next morning.

My train journey back consisted of reading for history and political though exams and a M&S breakfast to keep me company for the four hours back home to Cardiff.

This is the end of my May travel blogs and I hope you have enjoyed them although they aren’t too detailed or relatively interesting. But hey, maybe when I am 60, I will come onto the internet and be able to read these and reminisce on the great times I have had. At some point, I will be posting my travels across the summer and some pictures from the summer too. I will also post my pictures and stories from my October travels. I might even write one on being a sophomore at freshers. Who knows? I’m beginning to actually schedule in time to write all of these, even though I often fail to proof-read.

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