Travels across the UK: Newcastle 29/5/13

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After two days off  traveling to do my Internationals Relations exam, I was back on the road again (well railroad) to continue my travels across the UK. On this day, I set off early from Cathays to get a train to Cardiff Central where I was to embark on the second leg of my journey to Newcastle. This involved getting a train to Manchester which was delayed on the world’s most ratchet train ever. I literally don’t understand why there are no power plugs on Arriva trains for a 4 hour journey. It’s the 21st Century… smartphones die in that amount of time!  Although my train was delayed, I managed to get into Manchester with 15 minutes to spare before my next train on Transpennine Express to Newcastle. The Journey up to Newcastle was breathtaking. I had never gone past Leeds before. I constantly felt that there was no where prettier on Earth, Durham looked so nice passing through on the train and so did York. I really want to move to the North at some point in my life. It’s absolutely stunning up there. image

Upon arrival in Newcastle, I rang my friends and met them in McDonalds.  They had their greasy meals whilst I ate the salad I had prepared the night before.  After this, we headed to the hotel to get ready for the show before heading to the O2 Academy to pre drink.

Obviously I had some dragon soop to drink and Madi drank some of it. However, Madi got “ Newcastle Wasted”. Whilst Madi went in for her meet and greet I walked around the city a bit and looked at some odd statues that were spread around the city center. They sure have a thing for bizarre statues man. Finally, I went back to the venue and talked to Anthony for a bit before scouting out for Madi who was still bizarrely drunk. After Natives set, I went with her to get a plaster for her cut. This was the most hilarious ordeal as she refused to get a normal plaster off the guy who was doing first aid guy. Instead, she opted for a plaster with a recurring hotdog pattern on them. She also insisted on giving the guy a hug before rejoining the crowd. The rest of the night as I recall was relatively uneventful in my opinion. John and I had a conversation about Dragon Soop  and what it was made out of. Our conversation was politely interrupted by a girl who was stood near us expressing her love for my accent, which to me was probably the nicest thing ever. Mostly,  I don’t enjoy my accent that much at all. It’s a confusing accent but I think that it is pretty unique. Anyways, I hugged John goodbye and promised to bring him some dragon soop the next day. He heard I had some in the meet and greet earlier on from Madi and wanted to come out and get some off me but was too busy to come get some. Anyways, I did not have any left on me at that point.
After a long night, Madi and I headed back to our hotel after a pit stop at McDonald’s and went to sleep after I took a shower and braced the fact that we had yet another 5 am train to Liverpool.
I genuinely enjoy Newcastle as a city, the accents are great, the sights are great too ( and statues).  I did go back to Newcastle later on in the year and wouldn’t mind going back again as I enjoy how vibrant everyone up there is. This was probably one of my favorite stops during my travels.

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