Travels across the UK: Slam Dunk Hatfield 26/5/13

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After a long journey from Leeds I finally arrived in London. A short tube ride, brought me to the train station where I had to get my train to Hatfield. Madi had gone to meet Cara as she was going to give her a lift to the festival. Still dressed in clothes from the night before, I joined a lengthy line for the toilet to dry shampoo my hair and change into a fresh pair of clothes.
The shuttle bus service was so packed on the way to the university where the festival was and it was so hard to breathe on the bus. I found it incredibly difficult to find the entrance to the venue as well as there were no signs up. Anyways, I made my way in to wristband exchange tent and eventually found a patch of grass by the main stage to do my hair and make up. I’m pretty sure this is where I lost my Urban Decay eye lid primer which I loved so dearly.  After 30 minutes or so Madi finally arrived and her favorite band came on stage.
After they played, we ventured off to see The story so far play and meet some of our friends.  I also got to see Transit play live and I honestly thought that they were really good live.  During Pierce The Veil’s set I accompanied Madi to a signing tent and waited for her to meet a band and also tried to catch some of Chunk! No Captain Chunk’s set. I was quite saddened by the fact that the room had maxed out in capacity and all I could do was stand outside and try hear them play for a bit. I did after awhile give up at standing about outside the room and went back downstairs. After the signing Madi went to, we went to catch William Beckett play at the Keep a Breast stage. His set once again was one of the most pleasurable things to witness. He has the literal voice of an angel and is one of the most talented musicians out there.
Following William’s set we made our way back to the main stage to meet Laura and friends. I can’t exactly remember which order the bands were in but I do remember watching Sleeping with siren’s live for the first time with Jack and Laura. I also remember watching Mallory Knox and Kids in Glass houses live as well.  Kids obviously put on a splendiferous performance as per usual.
Towards the end of the of the night, everyone went to see All Time Low play the main stage whereas I on the other hand went to the Keep A breast stage and watched Jonny Craig play some of his set with a friend and waited around for Andrew McMahon. Andrew is known for his bands Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin which both have a great array of songs which I like to call “JAMS”.
In all honesty, I am so happy that I went to see Andrew play instead of All Time Low. This portion of the night was literally the most emotional experience of that week. He told touching stories about his battle with cancer and played the most inspirational songs that he has ever written. My personal favorites such as ‘Dark Blue’, ‘I woke up in a car’ and ‘Swim’ were played.  What made me feel the most was the fact that he played ‘Konstantine’ live. It’s a song he usually does not play live and it’s my personal favorite. It’s such a sad yet touching song in general. It’s a ten minute long song but I DEFINTELYrecommend checking it out. I’m not afraid to say I cried during this song at all.
Have a peek at the song here:
After his set, the festival was over and I went to collect my backpack. Madi was given a lift back to her by her friend Cara, so  Laura and I made our way to the Shuttle bus back to the train station. This is where all our luck began to run out.  The shuttle bus wasn’t turning up and we were afraid we were all going to miss our last train back into London.  The trip on the train back to London was full of 15 year olds making Boris Johnson jokes. Upon arrival in London, we realized that we had missed the last tube back to Madi’s. We then had to figure out an alternative way home. Luckily I remembered the bus that we could get to Madi’s place. The first bus that passed was full and we had to wait a whole 30 minutes for the next bus. Our luck didn’t get any better when we got to Madi’s and we couldn’t contact her to tell her that we had arrived at hers as both our phones had died. In the end as rude as I felt, we rang her doorbell and eventually she let us in and we went to sleep. The next morning, we woke up early to get food before Madi. I was meant to get a bus back to Cardiff later and go study for my exam.  As that was not later in the day I waited four Laura and Madi to get to their train to Wolverhampton which they missed and ended up having to get a later train to Wolverhampton.
All in all, out of the two festivals I feel like I enjoyed the Slam Dunk South festival more as there was more of a Warped feel to it with stages outside. There was also the fact that I got to see a lot more bands at this date as compared to the day before. I genuinely think that this was honestly a weekend that I will not ever forget and I’m definitely going to go to next years Slam Dunk Festival regardless of the line-up despite the extortionately priced food. Yeah, this cost 10 pounds……..

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