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Birthdays are something that many of us either love or hate. I have yet to decide how I feel about them. I have had my share of shit birthdays and my share of amazing ones. There have been quiet ones and ones filled with joy, laughter and even complete chaos.
The birthdays that stand out to me are my 16th, 18th, 19th and 20th. I've had pretty good birthdays recently. All of them planned well in advance. I'm quite surprized as to how well my 20th went judging by the fact that I had just begun uni and almost all my friends that I had invited actually showed up.
I also got to bake the best red velvet cake which I shared amongst my housemates and even share amongst course mates. Having said that, my birthday is still months away in March, but I love planning it early. I love to give people advanced warning as to when my birthday celebrations are to take place in order for them to be able to make sure they are free. Furthermore, train tickets are so much cheaper once bought in advance. For my birthday, I'm turning 21 and will be sending out invites in January, way in advance.
I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet with my birthday but one thing is for sure, I want to party hard and make it memorable. One idea that hit me was that I could potentially go out on the Friday with some friends to my favorite place, pop bubble rock. The next day I feel like I could go out with a wider selection of people to somewhere a little more mainstream and turn 21 whilst enjoying the company of all of my friends.
Nevertheless, I have months to plan it. All I really want is a nice cake. This year I had two cakes. One was a red velvet cake I baked myself as mentioned earlier and the other was a cake from waitrose my parents bought for me.
cake my parents got me
cake I baked
For my 21st I'm desperate to have a red velvet cake from hummingbird bakery.
You may not know this, but hummingbird bakery are literally my favorite place to buy cupcakes. Their cupcakes are always so rich and the icing is always delicious and creamy. If you're in London be sure to drop by and try some of their cakes.
humming bird bakery cupcake 
Do any of you guys have any ideas on what I can do for my 21st? Let me know
Ps. I wrote this entire post on my iPhone, forgive me for image quality and typos. I blame autocorrect.

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