Travels Across the UK: Birmingham 11th October 2013

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So, I have finally gotten on to the only remaining October travel blogs, hopefully they will one day serve to remind me of the extraordinary time I had on these travels in the future.
The travel up to Birmingham, was long and our bus had been delayed substantially. We ended up having to get on a bus to Glasgow and switching buses slightly outside coventry. Upon Arrival in Birmingham, I was hungry and wandered into New street station to get a burrito from Mi Casa and headed off to get a train to the University. Becky met me at the University and we went back to hers to chill and catch up whilst I did my make up. I couldn’t stay very long as I had left Madi in Birmingham city center to check into our hotel and I had to meet my friend Chloe as well.
After an hour or so, I made my way back in to Birmingham City Center to meet Chloe at Forever 21. I bought a whole new outfit in Forever 21 and some shoes in New Look as I had once again under packed.

That’s a nice typo F21.
Once we were done shopping, we headed to the hotel to get ready. The rest of the night was a blur. I literally cannot remember more than hanging with Sian and Shauni. After the show I hung around a bit to talk to Kiya and then went to see John and say good bye to him and give him a hug.  The show was pretty good, but I was sad that I wasn’t going to see an awful lot of people for awhile now. 
As we were all hungry, we headed for McDonald’s and some how this happened…
Several shades of actual obesity. 
I was literally so full and it was so cold outside that I dreaded the short walk back to our hotel. We did however get back quicker than expected and I passed out on the bed. I was once gain the last one to leave the hotel the next morning as my train was later in the day. OF COURSE I spent the time between check out and my train in Forever 21.
I can’t ever say much about Birmingham, I don’t go there too often and the time I spent there was way too short as I went to my friends place instead of hanging about in the center.

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