Travels Across the UK: Newcastle 8th October 2013

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Manchester was absolutely stellar, but it was once again it was time for us to withdraw from this beautiful city. We got onboard a early train back up to Newcastle before daybreak. It was truly magnificent watching the sun rise amongst all the hilly terrains our train passed on the way up.
As the train made its progress up towards Newcastle we got to go through all my  favorite cities such Durham and York. I have not actually ventured into Durham or York, but they looks so pretty from the train and pictures I see. I  am hoping that at some point in my life I get to actually go there and survey the brilliant scenes portrayed in the plethora of photographs that are online.
We didn’t have a hotel in Newcastle so I had to schlep my handcarry bag around for a majority of the day. We embarked on our days adventure with a luscious meal from McDonald’s. Followed by an amble around Newcastle.  We also indulged in coffees from Starbucks whilst charging our phones. It was such a splendiferous day out and I just simply enjoyed the weather.
After lounging in starbucks for a while, we moved on to the o2 academy to meet some people Madi knew.  We crossed the road from the academy and got ready in the Burger King toilets. Once our hair and make up was done, I suggested we go socialize with my friend Ale who was also in Newcastle. Ale’s a family friend and a good friend of mine. He is guitar warrior and vocal God in a band called Rumours. He was in Newcastle playing a show but it was not for his own band but rather he was subbing for Paignton,  playing some live guitar for a show they were opening. If I am not mistaken the rest of the line up was Room 94 and the headline was a band called Lawson.
I texted Ale and enquired into what drink he wanted me to purchase for him from Starbucks as he had asked me to do him a favor and buy him something from Starbucks if I passed one on my way. Eventually, he settled for a vanilla soy latte. Once we arrived at city hall, I had difficulty trying locate him and I asked some of Ale’s fans where he was as he wasn’t answering my call.  Ale eventually emerged from the back of the venue and we had a lengthy conversation about what we had been up to, his band and so forth. He was planning to make it to the show at the academy after his set, but in the end he wasn’t able to make it.
We lingered outside city hall until it was time for Ale to head for soundcheck. As it was then nearly 6 pm headed back to meet some of Madi’s friends who were compassionate enough to allow us to keep our luggages in their hotel room.  The hotel was by the train station and wasn’t a tiresome stroll away from the city hall at all. I cannot exactly remember what the hotel was called, but God, it was so lavish and ornate in there.  The rooms were undisputedly pretty and immense. The bathroom was undeniably immaculate. If are accustom to me you would know that I am obsessed with interior design and that bathrooms in particular are something I marvel upon. This bathroom was fit for a princess.
This is what sat in the lobby. So pretty and very 1920s.
During the show, we just hung out  in the middle  of the venue and I occasionally ventured upstairs to the academy 2 to talk to my friend Shane who is Tonight Alive’s UK merch guy. He also offered to charge my phone now and then which was very kind and useful as iPhone batteries are hopeless.
During Hands like Houses set I killed time with John watching some of their set. We then attempted to get some drinks at the bar and I was finally trying return the drink I owed him. To much hilarity, John and I wanted some Jagerbombs. The person at the bar however kept attempting to refuse to serve us as John didn’t have his ID on him. Which was silly, he’s 22 years old and in no way looks like he is younger than his age. John kept telling them he was in the band up on stage next and not some random guy who had flown from the US to see SWS. Eventually we got around it and enjoyed our drinks before he left to play his set. It’s always a fun time drinking with John, the conversations such as the ones we had in a bar in May with Anthony and others earlier this year in Cardiff in May are always golden.
Drink team 2013. 
SWS played a exceptional set, but I did leave their set periodically to go upstairs to talk to Shane and get my cellphone charged. I also ran into Cody from set it off, and got a picture with him as I thought that was really weird to run into him as he was playing a show upstairs in academy 2.
After the show, we hung around a bit before getting some food and getting aboard our long ass megabus to London. The journey was pretty adequate, I spent most of it asleep which isn’t surprising. 4 hours into the journey, we had to change drivers and the megabus crashed into another in a parking lot in Wakefield. I found it pretty damn ironic that the driver crashed trying to comply to the European Union law that was entrenched in order to stop drivers from crashing.  That being the case, we had to get another bus and make the remainder of the journey to London on it. We got into London a little over 8 am due to all the delays. I made my way through Victoria station like a lightning bolt to get to the ticket office to purchase a bus to Cardiff. In the wait between my two buses,  I made my way to Starbucks where I got a free cup of water and charged my phone. The journey back to Cardiff was pleasant and I honestly could not of been happier to be going home. I was quite honestly ready to drop dead from the lack of legitimate sleep that I had that week.
I also got treated to a great burger meal in Cafe 37 by my apartment by Sonia. image
The size of servings at the cafe is literally ridiculous.
Newcastle was an outstanding experience, I had a great time hanging with Ale before the show and seeing Shane who I had not seen in ages. Hanging with John was also really swell, he’s a lovely individual with a good sense of humour, he’s always good company and down to Earth. The city itself proved to be more riveting than the first time I had been. I had not wandered around the city center in that much depth before. This was therefore one of those visits in which I was able to absorb more about the place and get to look around more, which in my opinion is always favorable.

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