Travels Across the UK: Nottingham 1st Oct 2013

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After being in University for about a week, getting drunk now and then with my friend on our nights out, registering for the new year, getting bored was something else that happened. Anyways, since I knew my friend Madi was going to see her favourite band, I jumped on the bandwagon and joined her on her travels across the UK. Not only to see my friends, but also listen to some good music. I really wanted to see Hands like Houses play live. There has been much buzz around that band amongst my friends and I was therefore so hyped up to see them live. I also wanted to see if Sleeping with sirens were any good live especially because Kellin has a such a unique voice to listen to on record.
Anyways, I got a train up to Nottingham relatively early on in the day and then called Madi and Summer to  pick me up at the train station.


We headed to Rock city to hang out with some people and then went to check in to my hotel. After doing make up, Madi and her friends went off to some signing and I waited for them whilst I called Melvin to ask where she was. After all of this,  we headed to get our pre-drink on. I was meeting my friends from Bristol who went to Uni up there around 7ish.  Anyways, Pre-drinks with  people were hilarious and sort of got out of hand.
Me and Holly chillin’
The night really went in a weird direction and shit kicked off that I was unaware of because I had way too much to drink or someone had put something in my drink, maybe, I don’t know. I don’t remember much of the night except for the fact that I was in and out of the toilet being ill and stuff.
As far as I remember, The Getaway Plan were pretty good. After their set we went to the bar were Wes bought us drinks. Apparently at that point I was already quite drunk and just downed my drink and went back into the crowd. We took plenty of selfies though.
I don’t even remember Hands like Houses set.  I don’t remember the rest of the night pretty much. I did get to see the summer set play a set that barely even remember and then I felt too ill to continue and my friends felt the same and after we made a few attempts to find Madi whilst they tried to keep me upright we got into a taxi to our friend Dhanu’s. We were supposed to meet him after the show and head out to cookie shot. I don’t remember much of my time at Dhanu’s but I do remember the fact that his student house had an IMMACULATE BATHROOM.
Eventually, after shivering, crying and passing out on Dhanu’s drive way my friends walked me to the bus stop and where I profusely apologized for how sick I was. I got taken back to my hotel by my friends and I remember struggling to recall the room number I was in. Eventually, I got to grips with the room number I was supposed to be in. Upon getting into the room, I pretty much remember passing out  and then seeing Madi walk into the hotel room real drunk and in tears. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I remained drunk for a majority of the night after my friends left and I fell asleep and periodically kept waking up in fear of missing my train. Madi left for Dublin early in the morning and I went off and took my train back to Cardiff. Which was amazing, I managed to get enough internet to snag myself and my brother some Fall out boy tickets for March 15th 2014. I feel like March is going to be a happening month with loads of stuff on, especial my 21st birthday on the 2nd. I hope that is as good my 20th and  that I make another amazing cake.
Special shout out to my friends Wes and Melvin for taking excellent care of me despite the fact I was being über annoying and almost dead. And also Dhanu for letting me into his house despite the fact I was basically in a position to basically wreck it.


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