Review: Estée Lauder Doublewear Foundation.

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First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am in fact not at all experienced on blogging about make up. However, I do feel like sharing my opinions on one of the best foundations I have come across lately. There has been a lot of hype around this product and I can safely say I truly understand why. It's like magic! It stays on for hours, doesn't budge and just does the job. I used to wear Mac Pro long wear in NC30 but honestly that foundation never stuck to my skin. It quickly became patchy and I had series of problems with it due to the awkward nature of my skin. Somedays my skin feels real dry and sometimes my skin would feel really oily. Never a great thing! The mac pro long wear honestly only ever stayed on my skin when I sprayed a layer of Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray over it.

I found the Doublewear Foundation as I was searching around for something new. I went into John Lewis/ House of Fraser/ Harvey Nichols etc. to collect several different foundation samples to try on. I even sampled Dior's Skin forever foundation which is almost as good, except for the fact that I feel as though the coloring changed quite a bit when my skin did get oily, something the lady at the Estée Lauder counter informed me happens to some foundations (not theirs). The Doublewear Foundation comes in a cute little blue box that looks really sleek.
I was color matched to be closest to their shade 'Fresco' which is amazing, I haven't found a foundation that has completely matched my skin tone perfectly until now. 

The product comes in a neat frosted glass bottle with a gold cap. The whole packaging of the product really does look up to high-end standards. The only disadvantage I found with this was the fact that the foundation came with no pump. You have to actually pour the foundation out onto your hand or your brush. This often gets so tricky as it is quite easy to pour out too much, resulting in a ton of wasted product. 
As the product only is an SPF 10 I don't find there being the problem of looking whiter under flash at all when the product is applied. The double wear foundation also seems to photograph quite brilliantly under all photo conditions. As a person who likes to take photos quite often with her friends for memories, I find that this really works the best out of all the foundations I have sampled. 

Image     In this photo I am wearing Rimmel's Match perfection foundation
( something I just picked up temporarily after my Mac foundation ran out).
Wearing the Doublewear foundation. I feel as though it really brings out the blusher/ bronzer
I have on as compared to other foundations like pictured above.
Also I feel like the foundation to some extent really illuminates my skin, bringing it to life.
It doesn't seem to be as dull as other foundations.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with this foundation. It solves all my skin problems; it never makes my skin feel too oily, it doesn't dry my skin up and it stays on virtually hours on end without it ever getting patchy.  I definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants a long lasting foundation that doesn't feel grimy after hours of wear.  This has now become my to go to foundation and I really doubt that I am going to ever make a switch in the near future.

If you are interested in trying out the foundation, head down to your nearest kiosk and get color matched, you can get samples so you really know that this is the foundation for you before you spend your money. 
Estée Lauder Doublewear Foundation costs £28.50 at Debenhams.

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