Travels Across the UK: Liverpool, 13 November 2013.

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If you know me personally, you would know how much I adore a little band from Tempe, Arizona called The Maine. I have been a huge fan of their music since The Way We Talk EP onwards. I still remember the night I saw them for the first time live. I lived in Singapore for many years and they never toured there until this year, to the delight of my friends there. When I did move to the UK years ago, I had the opportunity to see them several times and have not failed to see the perform at least once when they are over here.
This is one of my favorite albums by The Maine, after they were dropped by their major record label
for working on this album in secret, something they were truly enthusiastic about, they went independent. 
To me this album symbolizes the hard work they put in. If you are passionate about something you should truly strive
for what makes you happy. This album just turned two years old, and every day it serves as a reminder of all the things
I could achieve if I just believed in myself and not allowed people to tell me how I should live. 
This is the latest offering from the maine, Forever Halloween. What I really like about this album is that it truly challenges the set mentality there is in the music industry.
A lot of artists think that auto-tune and over-production is the solution to good music. The maine however took an organic approach to creating this album. It was recorded live, all instruments together on a tape with minimal edits.
This really to me shows the importance of risk taking. It also symbolizes humanity and human nature. We are flawed but we live with our mistakes, that is what makes us human and real.
 This therefore is an organic album; it sounds human, in no way was it made to sound perfect through machines.
This time was no different, although their tour was mostly in the Northern region of the country, I decided that I was to attend at least one show. The Liverpool date was on my day off from uni and it was only £11.20 on the train each way. Furthermore,  my friend Megan was going to the show and I had not seen her in so long. She was also a complete babe and allowed me to crash at her house.
view up to crewe
When I got into Liverpool that afternoon, I met up with Meg who took my bags off me and met up with Lisa and Cayla. We walked around Liverpool in search of their travelodge. This was the perfect opportunity for me to be a bit of a tourist for awhile. After being misdirected by google maps, we finally found the right hotel and bought some food and booze for pre-drinks. We pretty much sat drinking for most of the evening before I headed over to the o2 before everyone else to meet Meg.
The first band on was fort hope, but I didn't think that much of them. I went to talk all of the many people I knew there from the interwebs and everyone was so cool. It was lovely hanging with Lisa and Cayla and also talking to Beth, who was hilarious as always. There were some people who weren't that great and just completely rude but hey, who cares.
Harriet and myself
Beth and myself
Cayla, Lisa and myself reunited
The maine played a spectacular set as per usual and I honestly was so happy that I had the opportunity to go.  As they played first, We Are the ocean played after. They were better than what I had remembered them to be way back in Yeovil several years back.
 Photo of We Are The Ocean playing 
After the show, I got to hang and talk to John O'callaghan, he's always hilarious and down to Earth which is always great.
Whiskey induced hilarity with John C. O'Callaghan V.
The rest of the night was spent with Meg devouring McDonald's and heading back to hers in a Cab. The next morning, I had to leave for Cardiff in order to get back for my Public policy lecture. The taxi driver was hilarious but I did get into the station far too early for my train. So I bought a ton of cheese puffs to devour for the long journey home. I really miss Liverpool and I can't wait to hit up Liverpool again soon ( and popworld).
ps. I needed a break from my uni work so that is why I am posting this.

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