Travels across the UK: Oxford 20/5/13

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I know I have been putting off doing this for a long time, but I seriously got to the point where I thought I was just not ever going to post these. However, I sat down and thought that this would be an enjoyable little read for me in the future, as I have honestly had the best little trip ever. I’m sorry that it took me so long to get to writing this down but I had to deal with so many exams and moving back home to my parents place. Anyways I hope I at least make an okay post to recollect my travels although I admit have the world’s shittiest memory and probably will leave things out.

The day began with me honestly just setting my alarm from a time frame between 5 am in the morning to 10 am. I am the worst at getting up. Anyways, I didn’t miss my train and neither did I have time to get breakfast before my train as I am positive that I woke up late. I spent most of the journey to Didcot Parkway reading my notes for my government exam a few days later. Once I got to Didcot Parkway I had to get on another train to Oxford and at the point I was literally just so tired and hungry I literally wanted the train to just get into oxford ASAP.
Once I got into Oxford, I had a little unintentional look around when I followed my google map the wrong way round because I’m hugely stupid and had a 20 minute walk back to the train station where I had initially begun. I was supposed to meet some friends outside the o2 academy as they were lining up for a show that we were going to that night. However, I got lost and made several phone calls and met up with a friend who walked me half way to the venue and accompanied me to get a bag of salad leaves and apples so that I could eat.
Anyways, I eventually got to the venue and Madi questioned if I had already been drinking. Honestly, I hadn’t drank a single drop of alcohol that day and she genuinely just forgot that I am weird, crazy and hyper in real life and yeah that’s just how I am. SO obviously I spent so much time sat outside the academy with her telling her ridiculous theories and in general talking complete shit as I always do and entertaining myself instead of studying. I went through a whole bag of apples that day and bag of salad and several cartons of orange juice, I think. I’m pretty sure we also spent the day taking photos in the subway bathroom which was moderately entertaining ( I also wanted a new facebook profile photo which I did eventually get).

             here’s a picture of me looking weird in the 
subway bathroom

here’s me and madi looking gangsta.

here’s madi looking shocked at something, not entirely sure what but  I made up a story to this but I shan’t share it on the internet as that remains a private inside joke. wahey etc.

Right after that last photo apparently John came up to the glass and pulled up his shirt and flashed Fiona with his nipples or something like that, I missed half of it because I was reading notes. The show went well, made some new friends from Canada who were friends with the band Action Item who were wonderful guys.( you should check them out they’re lovely). After the show we rushed off to Tesco to get refreshments, I begged myself to get plain water to keep up my healthy standards but my body begged me for coke zero and this blog sounds like it could potentially be headed in a weird way. ANYWAYS, we headed back to the venue with our drinks as we wanted to say hey hey hey hey hey hey to people. I got hungry so I walked to the nearest food thing Idk what it is called I think it was a kebab place ok. They took forever to make my chicken nuggets and I wanted to cry coz I just wanted to devour them. Anyways I went back and forth between the shop and Madi because I didn’t want here to leave me. She asked what I was doing and I was continuously because I wanted to surprise her with nuggets which was stupid because anyone who knows me knows of my intense passion for chicken nuggets.
Brian and John came out and we conversed with them for a bit and then began our lengthy trip back to Madi’s place in which we arrived at shortly after maybe 3 am?  The point is I studied on that bus and it seemed to work fantastically between that, me snapchatting people spazz faces. Also I took touristy pictures when we pulled into London of random thing like this :
pretty sure I sent that to people with the caption “MY GARAGE IS SO PRETTY”.  Anyways, when we got back to madi’s I think I devoured a packet of potato chips and a yogurt pot and then went to bed because I was SO sleepy and our bus to Bristol was so early but more on that later :D

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