Travels Across the UK: Birmingham 18th April 2014

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After an eventful evening in Manchester and a great night of sleep, we woke up gathered our stuff and got into a cab to the Manchester Arndale center. Sara, Alli and Sacha and I made our way to Taco bell for lunch/breakfast. After lunch, Sacha and I made our way to the train to get our train to Birmingham. The journey was pretty alright, I remember there being a couple with 3 dogs on the train and that provided me with great entertainment throughout the journey. Upon arrival in Birmingham, we went straight to the hotel to check in. Sacha took a nap whilst I got ready to go to blue banana to see ale/ my friends. Ale didn't pick up his phone so I talked to Shauni and Sian whilst they were in the line for their meet and greet. Whilst they were in their meet and greet, I went to tesco to get some sandwiches for dinner. After all of this I went back to the hotel to drink and wait for Sonia who had my ticket for the the night. Hanging with her was refreshing, like seriously was nice to be with someone from University for once.  The night was pretty cool, got to run into Ale which is always joyful.  After the show I sat on the wall outside the venue to wait for a few of my friends so I could say goodbye to them before slowly limping back to the hotel as I had somehow fucked up my leg which still hasn't recovered.

makeup for the night.

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