Travels across the UK: Manchester 17th April 2014.

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This was literally one of the days I had been counting down to. I love Manchester a lot. It's one of my favorite cities ever not only because of it's vibrancy but also because of it's taco bell.  We got up real early in Glasgow and decided that we couldn't bare to get the 6 am megabus and therefore Sacha booked us on a mid-day train. We got some food from mcdonald's on the way to Glasgow central and made it just in time for the train. The journey was probably near 4 hours long. During that time I managed  to write the entirety of my interview with the maine up. I tried to write my review but I couldn't get enough service to tether internet. We passed by some pretty scenic places on the train so that provided me with entertainment post my laptop dying.

Upon arrival in Manchester, I walked to the drugstore to talk to a pharmacist about my eye and I got some drops for the irritation and took my contact lens out for a few hours.  I also got some new mascara which I am in love with.IMG_1388
We then went and got lunch at Taco bell aka my bae.  Instead of ordering the big box I got the crunchwrap supreme, which was basically the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.  It was literally Mexican chicken with cheese and nachos and  a salad in a wrap and boy I felt like I had been reborn. I had also bought my self a beef burrito to eat after the show/ night out as I knew the only place near our travelodge was gonna be Mcdonald's and I really needed a break from that.



After our lunch I paraded around the drugstore once more and decided to look at some make up. I decided that although I really wanted Nars' blush I needed a cheap one to keep me going for awhile and settled for something from rimmel which does do an alright job for now.  We then checked into our hotel where I lost the card key within 21 seconds of putting my stuff down so I had to keep my hotel room open with a can of deodarant as I went to get my friend Alli and her friend Sara from the hotel lobby. In the meantime, Sacha went off to get her ticket whilst we just kind of sat around talking about relevant stuff, doing make up and pre-drinking for the night.


Sara and myself.


Sara,  me and alli <3

Cayla and myself




The show was pretty alright, spent most of my time talking to friends such as Lisa and Cayla. Ran into Kiya loads and also spent some time with Alli and Sara which was great because they are lovely. After the show me and my friends headed next door to Big Hands which was pretty dope. My friends tried to find Madi who called to say she was at Satan's Hollow, my friends went down there to find that the place was closed and there was nothing there and headed back to big hands. For ten minutes or so I lost my friends and ran into John which was really nice as I had not talked to him in awhile. It was hilarious as he was all like "HEY NIKKI, HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU". I told him I lost some of my gang and he told me to come sit with him and I double checked to see if he was okay with it as I really did not want to sit down uninvited and be intrusive as everyone needs their space. He told me as long as there was space for his team it was alright. I went over to sit down and I saw his brother Stephen and asked him the same question. I literally was like ' Your brother told me to sit here and I was wondering if that was okay'. He was alright with it so I sat down and John came back over from the bar and we talked about shots and stuff and then his friends came over and he moved over to talk to them as I found two of my friends.

Shortly after, William joined in and I spoke to him before a ton of people just rappeared and John's crew shifted tables and left as a lot of people started to hover around. Eventually everyone left the bar and I stood outside talking to some people I knew. Madi and Laura shortly left us after they ran after John's taxi that was leaving and jumped into it. My friends tried to contact Madi to see where she had gone but her phone only rang twice before it went to answer machine, she later explained to us that she had no sim card in her phone although it was ringing.The rest of us however remained at the bar and I ran into James from Bentley Park who turned out to know everyone I knew back in Bristol such as my friend Robbie. James and Ed were so drunk it was actually hilarious. We kind of just hung around talking to everyone. Angela and Jamie went somewhere else after the bar to party with them whereas Stephanie and I were too tired and went back to the hotel to hang and eat. Madi came in really drunk banging Stephanie's door and it was quite amusing as she asked me why the fuck I was in Stephanie's room, she was probs shocked I was staying at the same hotel or startled by my royal asian presence. I informed her I was hanging with one of my close fellow asian friends and she scuttled away after she said several terms of endearment to stephanie about a sim card.  I stayed up long enough for Alli and sara to come in before I passed out for the night.

James was really drunk

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