Lake Street Dive, Scala 26 April 2016

by - 20:41

Lake street drive recently played to a sold out show at Scala in London in support of their latest album released this year titled Side Pony.  Upon entering the room it was almost impossible to find a space with a clear view of the whole stage and many resorted to peering over their friends shoulders or standing on the benches at the back of the venue.  The band are known for their multi-genre and this definitely showed in their live show. The band walked out on stage with a strong sense of enthusiasm emanating from the. Their set up is unique with a mix of instruments such as the trumpet and upright bass that definitely set the band apart. What is sweet is the fact that Mike Calabrese’s drum set is not placed at the back of the stage like in most stage set ups. Instead, he is fully involved in the bands performance with his drum set at the front of the right stage of the stage where other bands usually place their guitarists or drummers. The band start with their song ‘Godawful Things’  off their latest album.  The band don't seem to have a set plan as to how their set develops. Most bands put on sections of fast tunes and lump the slower more melancholic ones together. The band however seem to like to mix things up, which at first may seem a bit odd as it abruptly changes the atmosphere in the room. However, due to the fact the band are a fun bunch who enjoy moving about and dancing to their songs, it doesn’t really matter. The crowd are still riled up with excitement singing along to every single song at the top of their lungs. Probably the most notable track performed was their latest album’s title track ‘Side Pony’. The track is simplistic yet has a catchy melody and chorus that stays in your head for a long time. What is great about Lake Street Dive is the band are well known for their amazing covers.  This time round the band brought out two covers during their set. The first one was a cover of ‘Lola’ by The Kinks and the second cover was ‘Rich Girl’ by Hall & Oates that ended the show. The band altogether put on a fantastic show enjoyed by one and all. The most striking thing however from the night was definitely front woman Rachael Price’s voice which bares a resemblance to Amy Winehouse’s powerful vocals.

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