Nyx soft matte lip creme

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Hey all!  Just a quick post on the latest lip product I've become obsessed with: The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes. They have an amazing range of colours from pastel pinks to bright reds, excellent nudes and even more bizarre colours like royal blue. I initially purchased Abu Dhabi (A nude light brown),  Cairo ( A light peachy tone) and Istanbul ( A rosy light pink). Unfortunately, I lost the last one in a club on a night out. However, due to the reasonable price of the product retailing at £5.50 each, I replaced mine with Stockholm which is sort of a Salmon colour, but much lighter in my opinion.
Photo 13-06-2016, 17 22 34
Photo 13-06-2016, 17 57 16
Cairo, Stockholm and Abu Dhabi
Out of the three, my least favourite is the shade Cairo as it isn't too far off my skin colour so it requires some layering before it settles into a shade that doesn't make me seem like I have foundation slathered on my lips. Furthermore, although the formula in the other shades is nice and thick-- requiring only one application or two, this shade is quite patchy for some reason and my lips look super streaky. Thus, I have to wait for each layer to dry before I apply the next which is incredibly time consuming. Other than that, the other two I absolutely adore. The lip cream is not at all drying, has a beautiful vanilla scent and taste and dries into a beautiful matte finish.
I really recommend these as they are incredibly worth the cheap price and will probably buy a lot more shades in the near future.

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