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Quick post about my latest favourite purchase this month.  I've always seen the NIP + FAB range about in boots and i've always been drawn to them by the packaging, especially the sleek typeface.  The one thing that has put me off purchasing them however is the fact that the original pricing was in my opinion a bit too much. The Dragon Blood Fix pad original cost £10 and the Glycolic Scrub and face wash cost  £9.95 and  £7.95 respectively.
However with a sale on the products in superdrug and the consistent hype surrounding the brand by celebrities who endorse them left, right and centre.  My favourite out of the three is definitely the cleansing fix face wash. The wash has a gentle hint of grapefruit scent to it which is not overpowering at all. I've used the wash to remove my make up every night and it does an extremely good job at leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Often, my skin feels dried out by face washes especially as I have a habit of washing my face twice a day. However, this cleanser does not at all dry my face out and my skin feels extremely moisturised each time, which is great seeing as I have combination skin.  I usually follow up my morning time face wash up with the scrub once a day to remove the dead skin off my face and create a smooth surface for the application of my make up (alongside the help of primer though). This product also has the same refreshing grapefruit scent to it as well so that is also a bonus for those who really enjoy the citrusy scent as much as I do.  What did disappoint me however is the fact that  although the face wash moisturises my skin, the scrub feels a little bit drying and no matter how hard I scrub my face, or wash off  the scrub, there are always medium size chunks of dry skin that just cling off my face after. However, I always end my routine with the Dragon's Blood fix cleansing pads that work well in removing them. The pads contain extracts from salicylic and hyaluronic acid that works to clean your pores and add moisture. From my observation, this is exactly what it does. I wipe my face down with one pad and my pores look smaller and my face has a nice moisturised feel to it. This is especially when it has seeped into your skin-- as the skin definitely feels a lot more bouncier and noticeably plumper all around. What I didn't experience is the claim in various reviews that I've read of a fading of scars and less break outs! I still get them! But I  love this product so much that I am even tempted to use it more than twice a day on one hand, but on the other hand I also contemplate using it less to make it last longer due to the high price tag of the product when it is not on sale. Nonetheless, these are products that I really, really enjoyed and recommend to everyone. They're probably the best skin care products I have used in a long time and I would probably purchase them again in the future once they are finished ( especially the face wash).


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