Review: Colab sheer + Invisible shampoo: New York.

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I can't lie and say that I'm a big fan of dry shampoo at all, I much prefer dealing with my hair the traditional way and having a shower. Furthermore, I have tried a wide selection of dry shampoos in the past and the only one I seemed to get along with was the one by Dove. However, it's not always the case where there is going to be a shower there when you need it, like when you are travelling or when at a festival.  I just feel like most dry shampoo I've tried just goes quite grim smelling in your hair after awhile and a lot of them are quite drying too. My hair has always felt several levels of brittle after I have used dry shampoo in the past and I often get scared that my hair is seconds away from crumbling. I discovered the Colab range in superdrug when I was shopping for Glastonbury this year. Every year before I'd head off to a festival I'd simply head in to Tesco and grab a can of my trusted Dove dry shampoo, however for some reason I literally could not find it anywhere. I'm not even sure if they still make them anymore at all, which is sad because I love them so much. Anyways, I was drawn in by the fun packaging and after sampling some of the scents I decided to give the range a try.                                             

Admittedly, I'm not very adventurous and the first can I bought was the New York scent and all other cans I have bought after have also been in the same scent. It's not that the other scents are bad or anything, it's just that this particular one has such a fresh and fruity melon note to it that I really like. I suppose it doesn't help either that I'm not a big fan of change and I like sticking to what I know works for me/ what I enjoy. When I do in the future try the other scents, I'll be sure that to make a post about them so everyone will know what I think. What I like most about this product other than the great smell was it's ability to rapidly absorb oil from your roots without leaving your hair feeling overly dry. In addition I liked the fact that the scent didn't at all at any point go horrible. My hair was left feeling extremely clean, fresh and nourished throughout the festival. I loved this dry shampoo so much that I now even use it as part of my non-festival hair routine. I use it between washes even for just a bit of extra volume (though they have a volume range for that these work perfectly). Although the can promises sheer + invisible, the classic white-hair dry shampoo look can still occur if you over do it. However, this product definitely differs from others in the sense that you really really have to over do it to get anywhere near that effect whereas different brands get that way after little product. In all, I definitely can say that I am impressed with this product as it resolves all the issues I had with regularly using dry shampoo in the first place. Having said that, I recommend it for any one who has ever experienced the same concerns/ problems I had with using dry shampoo or for any one who is looking for a dry shampoo that has a fresh and floral scent to it.

Nikki xo

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