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 Canary Wharf Wahaca

I recently met up with my friend for dinner in Canary Wharf.  It was obviously not my first time at Wahaca but it has been my first time back at Wahaca for a good while.  Here we went for a tapas style selection, starting off with a pot of guac and chips to share which was absolutely delicious. The meal was really good, except for the chicken tinga soft tacos which we both thought tasted odd. The bean and cheese quesadillas were on point and not overly cheesy. My friend on the other hand had the sweet potato and feta taquitos which looked absolutely delicious as well and I was told they tasted as good as they looked.  What really made it for me was the fact that we could easily split the bill via the Wahaca app and just leave when we had done so. No more waiting around for waiters to come take your card and cash!

Having being  extremely satisfied with the meal at Canary Wharf, I suggested that me and a friend I was visiting head down to the Cardiff branch whilst I was in Cardiff. This time however I ordered 100% vegetarian and swapped the chicken tinga which hadn't impressed me with the sweet potato and feta taquitos. This time however, the meal I found wasn't as great as at Canary Wharf.  The black bean quesadillas were cold and a bit bland and the sweet potato and feta taquitos had a really odd taste to them. I can't even describe what they tasted like, it was just an odd un-natural taste that I didn't like and the corn had gone very soggy though just arriving at the table.  The corn, black bean and guacamole tostadas on the other hand had arrived as if it had been doused in a ton of oil. I know the menu said that it was topped with ancho chilli oil,  but this was honestly just excessive and unpleasant especially knowing that this had been better made at Canary Wharf. I suppose the only satisfying part of the meal was the guacamole which I could not fault.

The Taquitos and Tostadas in Cardiff 
Seriously though what is with that sea of oil?!

 I suppose it was just a bad day for Wahaca Cardiff as I had been before in the past and I haven't had any issues there at all. It's not put me off going again as I did have a good experience at Canary Wharf and I hope the next branch I visit has food made just as good.

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