Review: CO LAB Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo : RIO

by - 22:49

Hey everyone, as I said before, I was going to venture out and try out the other varieties of this dry shampoo after reviewing the New York scent here. I honestly, have never seen this one in the stores ever and I was not sure if I was willing to actually replace the one I had already tried. Once again, I tried smelling all of the other varieties available and none of them seemed to get on with me. I usually like tropical scents but a lot of them have coconut in them and I hate hate hate hate the smell of coconut. Thankfully, this didn't have any in it. Whilst the smell to me is more floral than fruity, the pineapple and papaya combination is really refreshing. 

The formula of this dry shampoo is pretty much the same as the New York one.  It does the same thing as leaving less residue than the Batiste ones and it stays fresh in your hair no matter how much you sweat unlike other brands. The most important thing however, is that the product actually does it job and leaves your hair feeling clean and non-greasy. I'm aiming to next try the extreme volume range as I have recently cut a lot of my hair off and it's lacking so much volume and falls flat so easily. I also want to try the Luxe Shine product which hopefully will be as good as Batiste's dry conditioner which smells AMAZING.


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