Review: EOS Lip Spheres Blueberry Acai and Passion fruit

by - 11:00

Awhile back I did a very brief review of the EOS Lip Spheres in coconut milk and honeydew which can be found here. Since then, my collection of these balms has indeed expanded. I now also have the passion fruit and blueberry ones mentioned above,  the blackberry flavour one (which I will make a separate post for) and another coconut milk sphere (I've since given my old one to my brother). True to what I said in my previous post, I definitely did not go running out to buy these as they last ages and cost a huge amount in the UK (£6.50 each in boots). However, one of my American hall mates at LSE ( thanks Jess!) learnt that I loved these and brought me a ton back from America as a gift! They are literally USD $2.90ish in target which is roughly £2.39 which is absolutely a bargain considering the price in boots!  Both of these flavours are absolutely beautiful, the blueberry is a bit on the sugary side and reminds me of candy and the passion fruit one is mildly scented and fruity without being too overbearing on the senses. Unlike both coconut and honeydew variants that I previously reviewed, these two aren't as oily on the lips but still keep your lips smooth and hydrated throughout the day without much need to reapply. As a fan of wearing lipstick, I find these two perfect for moisturising my lips pre-application of lipstick and to revive them after wearing lipstick that may be on the drier side. I'm a big fan of these two and  I'd quite certainly repurchase so I hope the price drops in the future in the UK!


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