Unboxing: Kyshadow The Burgundy Palette

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I recently was fortunate enough to snag one of the Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Burgundy Palette when it was first released. The palette retails on Kylie's site for $42 USD. I paid roughly $15 for shipping too which I feel like is way too much but at the moment there is free shipping for international orders over $60.  However, it's worth noting that you will get slapped with a customs charge and that was another £15 for me to shell out on.


When you crack the open the packaging, the first thing that you see is a Lenticular card of two eyes with one moving when you tilt it which is pretty entertaining. 



On the reverse side of the card was a rather amusing message from Kylie.


Before I even opened the package in the first place, I was super worried that they would have smashed in transit over here. On opening the package however, I saw that the small square packaging had been nicely padded with soft foam sheets that nicely cushioned the product ( excuse my cat in the background).



Upon opening the outer packaging, the first thing you notice is the print of two eyes with coloured drips running from the eyes that reflect the shades of eyeshadow in the palette. The back of the package is pretty standard with Kylie's signature, list of ingredients and the name of each individual shadows.


Unfortunately, there is no mirror in this palette but this is something a lot of people have expressed concern for this and Kylie has said that there will be one in her next palette.  However, I don't see this as a big deal as I usually just use the mirror on my vanity anyways despite all my other palettes having mirrors in them.



There are four shimmer shadows and five matte shadows in the palette all obviously to create the perfect burgundy eye. My favourites in this palettes are obviously the shimmer ones as I am a big fan of shimmer shadows in the first place so I am biased like that. These are super pigmented so a little of each goes a long way when  applied on the eyelids. The only one that you'd need a lot of is the first one on the top row 'naked' which is a little too light when swatched.


However, it is quite expected with  such light shades for you to have to layer a bit more on if you want anything noticeable other than a light shimmer.  Nonetheless, all of these shades are super pretty and easy to apply and blend. I am definitely very impressed with the quality of Kylie's palette and definitely recommend everyone get their hands on it when they can.


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