What I'm currently reading

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Hey guys, now that I have finished University (for the second time) I've had more time to read for leisure instead of reading for essays and seminars. I obviously had to buy this month's cosmo for 3 pages or so of Kourtney K as I'm literally obsessed with the Kardashians. I'm TRYING so had to finish An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, keeping in mind I bought this years ago... This book just has failed to captivate me. I'm also finishing Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge which is actually just a script for a play, I'd say it's quite interesting but the acting details make it really hard to follow after awhile because I don't have good memory in the short term and I often forget whats going on. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book a that was given to my brother at some point by some one and I' ve ended up taking on reading it now and then. The book is pretty easy to ready and gives pointers on how you should invest and save your money in order to be wealthy $$$$. Robin Cook's autobiography, I haven't started reading at all as I just found it in a charity store the other day for £1.49 so I bought it to read once I had finished Tony Blair's book, which is by far one of the best books I have ever read!


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