Music: What am I listening to?

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Hey guys,  I don't think that many people have a LastFm account, but I'm completely hooked on using mine. I've had my account since 2008 and I'm pretty sure that I first found out about the scrobbling site through Myspace. I remember in the pre-spotify era, you had to download a scrobbler programme from the LastFm website. This software would then pull any plays off your iPod/ scrobble as you listened in iTunes.  Admittedly, when my old Macbook died in 2009 just a year after I had bought it I forgot all about LastFm until recently when I sat and tried to crack my account open after forgetting the password ( the email associated with the account is gone too). Finally, I returned to scrobbling through LastFm's integration with spotify. I still check LastFm regularly, it gives me a great indicated of what I have been listening most to and least of in terms of Albums, Artists and Tracks.  This way I can always give more love to the tracks that I haven't listened to as much and keep track of what I'm listening to.

Here are some snippets from what I've been listening to recently: 

Last week: 

In the last month:


In the last year:

All time: 


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