Review: No7 Airbrush Away Primer

by - 21:32

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with the No7 Airbrush Away Primer. The one I have was only given to me by my friend who didn't like using primer on her face. I'm not sure if you can buy this in this size ( travel size product 10 ml) or if this was a free sample. I do however know that the full sized product is around 30ml and is currently retailing for £16.50 on the Boots website. The product comes in a tube like most primers making it super easy to dispense the product when you need it. This is added convenience  especially when it's nearing the end. The product once out of the tube, basically is a white lotion that doesn't strike me to have a fragrance to it at all. So if you're one of those people who swear by fragrance free products  you will probably like this primer. 

In terms of the consistency, this primer like it's colour is lotion like. It goes on like a lotion would and requires you to rub it into your skin quite well until it disappears. Once it is on, your skin feels refreshed and soft. Unlike other primers, you don't get the velvety feel on your face but instead a face that feels very moisturised. If you're anything like me and sometimes forget to put moisturiser on your face before primer and foundation, then this is for you! Due to the small amount of product that you actually need, this primer lasts ages and I've been using it daily since being given this in September and I've still got quite a bit in the tube. I can really imagine the full size product lasting ages as well!  

Over the months of me using this, I've noticed that my skin looks a lot more nourished. My skin flakes off a lot less than before and I've experienced fewer break outs. Another good thing about this is that I genuinely feel this product has allowed me to wear my make up longer. There are two factors to this observation of mine. First, my make up STAYS ON. I can go hours without it smudging or caking off my face when I sweat even when I forget to set it.  The second factor is that I genuinely feel like this has helped my skin problems when it comes to wearing make up. I used to get super itchy when I put make up on. Though I wasn't immediately itchy, it definitely was something that would happen after a few hours every time  I had any make up on. However, since using this the number of hours I can wear my make up before experiencing the itch that signals that my skin wants all of the make up gone starts has increased. So in this respect this product has definitely changed the way that I experience make up and has made it bearable for my sensitive skin.  However, I cannot assure that everyone would have a similar experience to me. Everyone's skin is different and unique, but hey it is worth a try! 

In conclusion, I feel like this product is definitely worth the money. Although I did not buy the tube that I've been using, in comparison to some primers in a similar price range this does miles better. Furthermore, for only £16.50 for the full size you can't go wrong with a superb product that will last you ages and ages anyways!

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