Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

by - 15:05

I recently purchased the Too Faced Shadow Insurance  Eye Shadow Primer to replace my free samples of Urban Decay eye shadow Primer that came free with Naked 3. The retailing price of this product actually retails for £17 from Debenhams. However, I managed to score a great deal on this in TkMaxx and it ended up only costing me £4.99.  The product comes in a light blue box with gold detail which I find absolutely adorable. The primer itself is a nude fleshy tone that blends in completely colorless, so no need to worry about it ruining the look you wish to achieve.

The back of box details what the primer promises to do- secure your eye shadow for 24 whole hours. This really does an amazing job and you only need the smallest amount of product for BOTH eyelids! What's really great about this product is how smooth it glides on and it creates a genuinely smooth canvass for you to apply your eyeshadow on. This is absolutely fantastic seeing as some primers tend to turn your eyelids into a rubbery base that makes it super hard to blend your eyeshadow. It also makes your shadow 'pop' a little more adding vibrance to them.

I am genuinely impressed with this product, my eye shadow lasts all day, does not budge or crease  like it does when I do not wear eyeshadow primer. The tube is super portable due to its non bulky size and does not take up much space in my make up bag when I travel! Although I had bought this at a discounted price, I am definitely going to buy this again at full price as it does such an impressive job!

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