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Hey guys, it's been a whole while since I've done one of these make up reviews so I thought I would stop by and quickly write one.  Today I thought I'd write about my eyebrow regime and the Rimmel London Brow This Way sculpting kit which is the current centre of it.  Everyone knows how important brows are in defining your look and I often find it hard to find a brow kit that I like. Some make my brows too thick and some just wipe off instantly.  This is even the case when my brows are freshly done or even when I use the smallest of  brushes on my brows which makes it incredibly annoying for me. The best eyebrow pencil I have used the past is without a doubt the Dior Diorshow Brow Styler which retails for about £19.50 in Debenhams. However, my issue the Dior pencil was that it was one of those brow pencils that you had to twist. It was more a mechanical pencil than anything, though it was amazing to use.  Due to this, the lead kept snapping and it didn't really last more than eight applications really.  From then on I decided to just try out cheaper alternatives in an attempt to save money. Mostly it was because everything I was buying was clearly not lasting long enough for me to splurge on.

So the latest eyebrow kit in the drugstore price range I have been trying out is the Rimmel London Brow This Way brow sculpting kit which retails at £3.99 in Boots.  Honestly, really cheap but hey, it works so well so no loss there. The kit comes with a spoolie brush for combing through your brows and a small applicator brush with slanted ends for the wax and the powder in the kit. Both the wax and powder in this kit honestly last for ages. I bought this kit back at the end of September and it's now January and I've just hit the pan on the wax and I am far far off from hitting the pan on the powder.  The formula of both the wax and powder are both very very smooth which makes for an effortless and seamless application to the shape of your brows.  The powder is super pigmented and therefore only very little is necessary to fill in your brows. This is  probably one of the main factors contributing to the longeivity of the product.  Whilst this does the job really well, I have still not mastered the art of keeping them completely matte. I have really oily skin and after awhile in cold weather it just gets super oily despite my religious use of matifying sprays and powder. The situation was worse when I was in the Philippines recently as well to the point where I just decided to spend most days make up free in order to cope with the heat. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any tips on better managing oily skin? If you do, please let me know as I would love to hear from you.

Nikki xo.

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