Life: Interior Design by Mohd.

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Have you ever scratched your head wondering how you can achieve an elegant, modern and minimalistic interior to your house or business that is aesthetically pleasing? Maybe you have spent ages on Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr in awe of every interior design post you wish was your reality? Well, the good news is you don't have to look very far!  Mohd are an online Italian interior design company that include renowned international design brands that radiate elegance and prestige.
Finding what you need is not even a chore as their website makes the whole shopping process as simple as ever. The website is incredibly user friendly with their stock grouped under easily identifiable headings.  In addition, one of the highlights of their platform is that you are completely spoilt for choice. Instead of just having big statement pieces and furnishings, you can also purchase smaller details such as candles and ash trays on their site. Looking for certain qualities in a piece too is simple, with the site allowing you to refine your search based on colour and material preferences. Thus allowing you to match the appropriate pieces according to your theme or taste. Additional  convenience comes from the fact that the company price matches products!  So if you happen to see a specific item you are interested in for less on another site, then Mohd promises to match the price. This not only saves you from having to make multiple orders from various sites, but also allows you to save on those pesky delivery charges!

On the other hand, if you don't have a complete vision of what you would like then Mohd can also be of use to you. The company not only sells the products as mentioned above, but also provide a customised interior design service that can help you with your initial plans or give more direction to your visions and ultimately bring them into reality.  Starting as a family run factory business, the company now have over 50 years of experience and close relationships with prestigious brands such as Floss and Vitra. Due to this, you can rest assured that your projects are in the hands of people who are truly experts at their trade. So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to their site and start creating the space of your dreams!


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