Life: What I got for Christmas

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As I have seen so many people over youtube and the blogging world post about what they had received for Christmas. I was contemplating doing a youtube blog about it but my camera died and my Macbook is too slow to even cope with editing. It crashed so many times whilst I tried to export the YSL Black Opium unboxing video I did. With that video I ended up having to edit both on my iPhone, iPad and eventually my Macbook. Anyways, what usually happens for Christmas is that I go shopping with my parents and just point out a few of the things I want within budget and keep the rest of the money.

So the first thing I got was this Duvet set from Primark that I have wanted for absolutely ages. I tried to purchase out multiple times in London after seeing it in the Oxford Circus branch but it was always sold out every time I came back. However, I finally saw it again whilst Christmas shopping with my mom in Bristol. I literally saw the covers on the store display windows and ran in to the homeware section to find it. Admittedly, it took forever for me to find this particular bed sheet as there were plenty and this was not on the shelves.  Instead, it was sneakily tucked away under the display bed sporting a similar ( but different ) bed sheets. I'm a big fan of the palm print and at £11 for the double size I knew it was now or never. 

I also browsed the rest of the home section of Primark as they always have cute decor in there that really make your room look either homely or modern (whatever you are aiming for). In my case, I  am completely obsessed with metals and candle holders. When I saw this geometric tea light holder in one of my favorite finishes, I knew that it was something that I just had to have. I'm so sure this will make a great addition to my room when I move back to London.

I also got a few vegan sweets and some facial masks. One of them was the Diamond powder mask that I've now tried. The best thing I find about this mask us that you get a few uses out of it! It also feels incredibly cooling on the skin. Once you've washed the mask of your skin, your skin feels super soft thanks to the exfoliants in the formula and you notice that your skin is a lot more radiant.

In the sales, I also got a Michael Kors bag for work. The bag itself had a good discount to it and the sales person in House of Fraser also gave me additional discount which I thought was amazing.

Lastly, with some of the remaining money I dived straight into the boxing day sales and got the YSL Black Opium gift set exclusive to boots. The gift set itself came with 50ml of Parfum, a volume mascara and an eyeliner for the price of £44 instead of £66. I'm absolutely satisfied with this purchased as the fragrance lasts for ever and it was a massive discount in itself. I even did an unboxing video over on my new youtube page here so please check that out and subscribe!

Hope you've all enjoyed this short post, and hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.

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