Beauty: Real Techniques Limited Edition Multi-task Brush Set

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Quite recently I found the limited edition Multi-task brush set by Real Techniques on sale at Asda. With a brush for almost everything you need for a complete look and a carrying case, I thought that it was an absolute steal. So more or less I simply had to have it.

The set includes a multitask face brush that  the packaging describes that it can be used to set powder, apply bronzer and contour face. The multitask cheek brush on the other hand is a tapered head that can be used to blush, highlight and contour. The last brush is an extremely soft multitask eye brush that can be used to apply colour to the crease and also highlight the brow bone.

I mostly use the face brush to bronze my face when my foundation is too light and I have used it in the past to do my contour  but I find that the head is too fat to achieve neat looking cheekbones. 
As for the cheek brush, I've never used it to apply blush as I love using my Real Techniques blush brush to apply colour to my cheeks.  Instead, I mainly use this brush to do my highlighter as the taper in the brush is just right and the bristles are uber soft and gentle. 
Lastly, I cannot even explain how much I love the eye brush. It is literally my favourite and I've pretty much abandoned all my other brushes for this one.  The hair is incredibly soft and this makes it super, super easy to not only apply your eyeshadow but also to blend it. I have struggled to find a brush that doesn't feel somewhat 'rubbery' on my eyelid which causes the eyeshadow to go on creased and messy. So I am extremely pleased that I have found this eye brush.

What's also cool about the set is that it comes in this funky casing that is really pretty, bright and fun. It's also brilliant that instead of just having space for the brushes that you've purchased, there is also space for some from your existing collection. Therefore this makes a great case for carrying your brushes in when you are heading off for a weekend or even a holiday. Another nifty thing about it is as described on the packaging, the case props up and stands and is useful for drying your brushes! 
I cannot put into words how impressed and happy I am with this purchase and can only recommend that everyone should try get their own so they can try it out themselves.

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