Review: Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.

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Hey guys! Just a quick post today about one of my new favourite products. I've recently become obsessed with Garnier's Skin Active Moisture bomb tissue mask.  On the packet it states that the mask is meant to super hydrate the skin, reduce the look of fine lines, revive radiance  all within 15 minutes. The mask contains pomegranate extract and hydraulic acid to aid it in doing so.
The mask draws itself from the popular tissue masks that are popular in Asia. This is now the third time that I have used this and it isn't at all that surprising considering how great and affordable they are to use regularly.  The mask retails at only £1.49 and is often the sales for 99p. 

Once you crack open the foil packaging, the mask sits inside with a blue plastic backing that you have to peel off before you apply it to your face. My first impression was that the mask was really really saturated in serum.  To be honest when I first bought this I thought that I would have the issue of having it leak down my face the whole time it was on. However, once I had peeled the backing off it initially took me quite awhile to get it to fit correctly to the shape of my face. 

Anyways, once I got it on my face I more or less felt that there was a tingling sensation on my skin that was just a tad bit odd to me. Nonetheless, every subsequent time that I had used this mask I haven't really had that sensation again at all on my face so all is well. In terms of what I felt it did for my skin, I'm 100000% sure it did stay true to the claim of being super super hydrating. My skin felt silky smooth and soft which is always great and it stayed that way for a good few days. So this is something that you definitely do not need to use too regularly. Just once in awhile is sufficient enough to keep your face super hydrated and radiant. I didn't however notice too much on the 'fine lines' claim but that's only because my face doesn't really have any fine lines in the first place so I really can't comment on that. 

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these masks and think that they are very hydrating and worth the money at such a low cost. It's definitely a mask that I feel everyone should give a try.

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