Review: Gugo shampoo with Aloe Vera.

by - 22:07

Today I'm going to rave about a product I discovered whilst I was out in the Philippines. I found this product in the 'Kultura' section of SM Department store in North EDSA whilst looking for souvenirs for my friends back home in the UK. If you didn't already know, I'm actually half-filipino so my mum literally pointed it out and started telling me all about how great gugo is for your hair.

Gugo's scientific name is Entada Phaseikaudes K Meer and it is basically a very very large tree that is native to the Philippines.  The bark of the tree is widely used with water, producing a lather that treats the scalp of dandruff and eczema and promotes healthy hair growth.  There is in fact a piece of bark in the bottle just floating about. In addition, there is added aloe vera, which is also known for its medicinal properties and the shampoo itself has a pleasant musty scent that isn't overpowering to the senses. I do have to warn that the colour of the shampoo changes from clear light brown to a white in cold temperatures, but this does not at all affect the quality of the product.

I first used the product when I got back to the UK and I was very impressed from the first wash. You don't have to use much product to create a big lather for your hair and your hair feels super clean after  the wash. My hair felt conditioned even without a conditioner.  After a few washes, I swear by this shampoo. If you didn't know, last year I completely fried my hair by bleaching it too quickly. My hair thinned, started breaking and falling right out.  Long story short, it wasn't very happy and beyond revival. I had to cut most of my hair off and the rest of it was just limp. But now my hair is much thicker  and growing out quite nicely  so it's really helped with the recovery process of my hair. I loved it so much that because my mum was only flying back after I was I asked her to go back and buy me a few more bottles to stock up on. I'm now on my second bottle since January and I'm only hoping I can go back soon enough to get more and make my bottles last until then. If you're ever in the Philippines or live there I most definitely recommend for you to try it as it's absolutely amazing!

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