Review: Nyx Slide on Lip Pencil lipliner in Nude Suede Shoes

by - 23:01

Hello everyone! I've never really ever bought a lip liner before in the past but everyone always uses them so I thought I'd give it a try. I've always wanted to buy the MAC lip liners but I wasn't too sure whether I would like using lip liner in the first place so I decided to start with something cheap. This lipliner only retails for £5.50 in Boots so in my opinion it's super affordable. I chose the colour 'nude suede shoes' which is a pink with a brown tinge. I felt that this colour was easy to layer up against the nude colored lipsticks that I often wear.

The colour of the lip liner is also quite close to the colour of my natural lip, so it makes it perfect for wearing even on its own. Wearing it on its own often gives me a fuller lip effect without the pain of getting any sort of lip fillers.   The formula of this lip liner is true to the name and it does slide on very easily on the lips. The liner is not at all drying and I feel that to some extent it moisturises my them. This is especially because a lot of the lip glosses and lipsticks that I use are matte ones which tend to be quite drying. For someone who hasn't really been using lip liners, this one has impressed me and has completely changed the way I do my lips. The liner not only makes my lips neater but also allows my lipstick to stay on a lot longer than it usually does. My only issue with the liner is how quick it is before you have to sharpen the pencil again. So although I have yet to finish the pencil, I don't see it lasting at all that long. But that's okay as the product is not even that pricey, I don't use it every day and it'll definitely be something that I will consider to repurchase in the future. So of course I'm going to get different shades of this for every lipstick that I own!

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