Beauty: NYX Soft Lip Cream in Monte Carlo

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Hi everyone, just another quick post on another colour from the NYX soft lip cream range that I have purchased recently. I feel like lip creams are quite hit or miss. They aren't exactly the best when it comes to the lighter colours that come out patchy but the darker colours are incredible. Like all of the other colours in this range this one smells a lot like vanilla cupcakes as well.

The lip cream comes with a soft wand that makes for easy application and it is tapered at the very tip allowing you to apply the lip cream precisely to the corners of your lips. The product glides on well and is not at all drying on the lip. It is not at all drying on the lips but I find for a 'matte' lipstick it doesn't particularly dry as matte as I would like. 

As you can see it has a nice pink-red tone to it and it only needs two coats before it to look good. This is a colour that is absolutely stunning on a night out and I often layer it with a darker purple shade. It's therefore great for adding a vampy edge to your other make up or just wearing alone to look super girly. So out of this rangeI definitely believe that this is one of the better colours and formulas as is one that everyone needs in their collection.

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  1. I Iike their lip creams- this color is really pretty, may have to check it out! Thanks for sharing! Xx Jen

    1. Hey no problem! Definitely check it out! The lighter shades are super patchy but the darker ones go on super well!