Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiére Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup

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Hey everyone! This has been a post that I have been meaning to publish for a long time now. It seems to have been sitting in my blogger draft box for ages but I completely forgot I was working on it.
I apologise for the lack of reviews on here as I have been quite busy with work and I have been focusing on my youtube channel and my vlogs which you can check out here.

Anyways, moving on to the review! I have long searched far and wide over the years since I started using make up for a foundation that I would absolutely adore. Out of all the foundations I tried, none of them would tick all the boxes or convince me to repurchase them again. Finally, a Chanel sales lady in Boots one day gave me a sample of two Chanel foundations with my purchase of their setting powder. The first one was the Aqua which I have heard nothing but good things about and the second was the Velvet. Whilst the Aqua was a good foundation that was very light on my skin it I needed something that could provide a lot more coverage to hide my bad skin.

From the very second I tried the velvet foundation I fell in love with it. Several years later it is my absolute go to foundation even though it costs £34 and I've gone through so many bottles. The product comes in a squidgy bottle which makes it easy to pour out and control the amount of product that comes out of the bottle. The finished look for this foundation is in-between a matte and a dewy look. So although my skin gets super oily naturally, this foundation works well in combatting that whilst ensuring that my skin does not dry itself out. Furthermore, the foundation doesn't cling to any existing dry patches on your face which is always a problem I have with foundation. The foundation is super light on the skin, it is in no way heavy on the skin and it does not oxidise and become orange on the skin after prolonged wear. As the name suggests it truly does make your skin feel like a velvet canvas which also aids on your other face products gliding on super smoothly and effortlessly. The only thing that I would point out is that the product is heavily scented. But to me it is a pleasant scent and I am a big fan of fragranced cosmetics! Oh, and before I forget to mention, there are also two metal balls ( or they might be plastic, I'm just assuming) in the packaging which scrape off the sides of the bottle which allows for minimal product wastage. Due to this, I've noticed that this foundation lasts significantly longer ( even with daily use) than any pump or tube foundation I have ever used.

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