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I've always loved travelling and I'm constantly thinking about my next adventure.  Whilst I've been more of a city girl, I sometimes think that it would be nice to have an ocassional relaxing break by the beach and somewhere more scenic. Whilst looking for options, I came across Travel Sicilia's luxury villa's over on their site here.  Looking on their site, the company have a large number of villas for rent in Sicily on their portfolio.  The company in fact literally have a villa any type of trip no matter how big your group is. There are villas suitable for a romantic holidays, family vacations and even birthday celebrations. In addition to having properties that are either historic or modern, a lot of their properties have swimming pools and many of their properties are set by the sea.

One of my favourite villas in their portfolio was the Villa Valguarnera Villafranca found here. The luxurious villa is owned by Sicilian aristocrats, has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and overlooks one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. The villa was designed in 1712 by Tommaso Napoli and has inspired Cinema Paradiso director Giuseppe Tornatore to create high end fashion house Dolce and Gabbana's most glamorous perfume commercial. The village is a short distance from the town of Bahjeria.  The luxurious vila has historically attracted a range of intellectual guests such as Goethe, Stendhal, the exiled Queen of Austria and even Salvador Dalì.  To book a villa you need a deposit of 2000 Euros and the prices vary depending on the week that you would like to book the vila for. So if you're looking for a luxurious get away, you might want to check them out and get planning for your next trip ASAP.

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