Food: Cafe Miami, Hackney.

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Following up from my last post about my trip to Hackney Down's Vegan Festival, is my post about Cafe Miami in Hackney. No lie, I came across this place when I was googling for 'instagramable places in London'. So since I was heading to the vegan market down the road, I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and head on over for an iced coffee. The cafe can easily be spotted by it's bright pastel lilac exterior and is super cute inside and the staff are incredibly friendly too. There were a lot of things on the menu that I could honestly have ordered to eat but we were both very full from lunch so my friend just had some water. The food items seemed very well priced and the avocado, halloumi and chilli jam toasted sandwich on the menu was constantly screaming at me more or less as halloumi, chilli jam and avocado are some of my favourite food items. I'm definitely going to have to go back at some point and try their food out.

The drink menu was not at all shoddy as well,  there was a good array of freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and of course coffees. There was a also a few soft drinks on the menu that come in beautiful stylish cans such as the Big Boss Palm Coconut and Vanilla Soda which I want to get the next time I visit.

On a hot day like today, I opted for a Iced Matcha Latte which cost me £2.30 as the soy milk was an extra 30p which I didn't mine paying at all. I placed my order at the counter and the drink was delivered to my table where my company was downing the free water to battle the heat.

Everything about this place is super cute, the plants, the tables and even the sugar cubes are an array of shapes such as hearts and moons. My drink didn't take long to arrive and it was much bigger than what I thought it would be.

I feel like although matcha is meant to be super beneficial for you, not everyone likes it and it is an acquired taste. Even though I like matcha, there are some that taste too strong and malty. This however, tasted splendid and was just what I needed on a day that hot and long. I wish I had bought another Iced Matcha Latte to go as I'm still thinking about it as I write this post the next day.  I definitely will be back to of course take more photos, but also try out some of their brunch menu.


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