Food: Hackney Downs Vegan Market

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Hey guys, this month we finally made it down to Fat Gay Vegan's Hackney Downs Vegan Market. Last month we made an attempt to go but we ended up getting lost then terribly rained on and ended up at Temple of Seitan instead. This month on the other hand we were blessed with a hot day and loads of sunshine.  The market is only a short stroll away from Hackney Central overground which is convenient for withdrawing cash as I don't think the vendors take card payments from what I saw.  I withdrew £10 initially but went back for another £10 just in case there was more that I wanted to buy. My pal and I both got the Mac daddy burger from Cafe SoVegan. The burger itself contained a southern style 'chicken' burger topped off with salad and mac and 'cheese'. We both also smothered our burgers in hot sauce.

It was a bit of a challenge finding somewhere to sit at the market as there weren't enough benches for the large number of people at the event but eventually we were able to secure a space at a table with two lovely ladies.  Now on to the burgers... they were great! The mac and cheese was creamy, and the patty was delicious and tasted quite rightly like a southern fried chicken burger. Overall, it was delicious but it was far too hot to be having warm food on a day this and the burger was so so filling. 

Despite being really full from the burger, it was boiling hot and we decided we needed to try Black Mylk's plant based ice creams. There were three flavours on offer today; honeycomb and pine nut, dark chocolate and almond butter and black cherry.  Both of us went for the almond butter and black cherry ice cream so I cannot comment on how the other flavours were and I only really needed one scoop of ice cream as I was so full.  At £3.50 for a scoop, the ice-cream had a texture that was true to dairy ice-cream and the combination of flavours were absolutely delicious, especially with the 'Golden Dust Granola' that was a free topping. To me, this is a definite must try for everyone that has the chance to. 

Despite getting sunburnt, we enjoyed great food and there was plenty to choose from the market and we're excited to go back the next time the market is on again in August.

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