Food: Halloumi Fries from Kerb Camden

by - 21:46

I've been hearing a lot about this Halloumi Fries stall from Kerb in Camden and whilst I was on a walk with my friend in East London we decided that we had to make the trip over to Camden to give them a try. We made our way from Victoria Park over to the tip of Hackney where we got the 277 to Highbury Corner and boarded the tube to Camden. Kerb Camden is located right behind the Dingwalls building by the lock and isn't at all that hard to spot. I mean the sign sure shouts right at you ' hey it's here'.

Anyways, a portion of halloumi fries cost about £6 and it comes topped with loads of different ingredients such as yogurt, mint and pomegranate seeds that make it really refreshing.  You are also given the option to serve yourself to chilli flakes depending on how spicy you like your food.
At first me and my pal thought that the portion was going to be tiny as the box it came in did not look like it would be able to hold enough for it to fill us up. But we were horrifically mistaken, the portion of halloumi fries were more than enough to satisfy us and it was in fact a bit difficult to finish.

These fries however were incredible, not only for the fact that they were halloumi fries and halloumi is the best thing ever, but also because they just were probably the best damn pieces I have ever had.  The fries were not overly crisp and had that bite you'd expect from halloumi and were flavoursome in every bite. The pomegranate seeds worked well to give the dish much needed freshness in every other bite. My only regret was not having water on me or buying any as halloumi is the type of food that leaves you thirsty. Overall, this was completely worth the hype and I suggest everyone who can eat cheese heads down to have a try of them!

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