Beauty: Lush Silky Underwear Dusting powder.

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Hello Hello. I'm back again with a review of one of Lush's most loved products. Seriously I hear everyone rave on about this product constantly so I decided to head down to Lush to get some before Glastonbury Festival. I made the mistake of heading to the Oxford Street Lush which is always packed no matter what day of the week it is. This product also took me such a long time to find not only because it was hidden downstairs in the basement but also because it wasn't that obvious which self it was on. I actually had to ask for it as I genuinely thought it was out of stock! 

What I had really bought this for was the fact that I heard that it prevented the 'chub rub' and since I was gonna be wearing loads of dresses and shorts at the festival I really really wanted to prevent having to go through such pain as I have huge huge huge thighs.  The day I bought this was a moderately hot day so I could give it a test run. So when me and Rae who had gone shopping with me after our little venture down to Cafe Miami in Hackney went over to M&S I went to the loos to slather some on my thighs. 

Honestly the first time I tried this on I wasn't too impressed. The moment any sign of sweat appeared I could feel the rashes begin to form. However, I wasn't willing to accept that that was just it. I still brought the powder with me to Glastonbury and used it every day.  The only difference was that I substantially increased the amount of powder that I placed on my thighs in comparison to when I initially tried the powder out. This really helped me wear shorts and dresses in the hot weather as it 'cured' my chub rub so I was absolutely delighted. I did however have to apply this every 1.5-2 hours to make sure it would continue to keep my thighs super smooth. Another impressive use of this powder, I would say is extra shielding from sunburns as it contains cornstarch which is a natural sunscreen. 

Another plus was the fact that it helped me sooth and heal my sunburn massively. It was 34 degrees on the first day and my back and chest were actually so red. This was even after applying factor 50 sun cream and although I had slathered plenty of after sun cream on, I was still in a world of pain. Applying this however aided so much to the healing process as the cocoa butter in the product helped my skin feel a lot more smoother and soothed it.

After coming back from the festival and using this for 5 days straight I am completely impressed by the amount of product I still have left in here. I now still have over half of the bottle left and I still use it when I wear skirts in the hot weather. For £5.95 and the fact that it lasts absolutely ages and works incredibly well ( when you apply enough) I definitely say that this does live up to the hype and I would not hesitate to purchase this again in the future especially for festivals and trips.

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