Food: Brunch at Caravan, Bankside

by - 21:53

Hello all! I'm back with another non-vegan post but still within the realm of veggie friendly options. Basically my friend Hobson came to visit me in London ( I can't remember the occasion) and we wanted to have brunch. Initially,  we were on the hunt for pancakes but that failed completely due to the fact that everywhere had a massive line for them! Eventually we stumbled upon Caravan in Bankside and decided to venture inside. There used to be a Caravan right next to where I lived in King's Cross which I had been meaning to try for a long time and  never had to opportunity to go, so i was naturally excited to finally go! Hobson had tea and poached eggs on toast. On the other hand, I went for something a lot more adventurous which was the Jalapeño cornbread, frijoles negros, fried eggs, avocado, chipotle and lime which was £9.50.

I feel like it could have done without the herbs that were placed on top of it but other than that, the cornbread was the most delicious cornbread I've ever tasted. Of course the the eggs went well with the avocado and the beans weren't too salty. Overall, this was an extremely delicious dish and it made me super full for hours.  What I did wish was that there were more things on the menu for brunch. But with a delicious dish like this, you can hardly complain!

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