Food: Pizza Union, Liverpool Street

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Hello! I'm back again with another food post. This time it is a little post about my trip to Pizza Union with E.  The pizza bar serves Italian style 12 inch pizzas thin and crispy at a cheap price. I got the Giardino which was one of the vegetarian options available.  The pizza cost £5.95 and contained wild Broccoli, peppers and onions on a bed on mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. 

The restaurant uses a model where there is no table service so you have to place your order at the counter and you get a buzzer after you have paid. So you don't have to wait at the counter but rather you are free to go back to your bench and wait for the buzzer to inform you of whether you're  food  is ready. In this case, it only took about ten minutes before my pizza was ready. 

I thought that the pizza was best enjoyed with loads of chili oil which my friend completely disapproved of. What can I do ? I really enjoy spicy food! 

 Overall, I demolished this pizza in less than five minutes and it was super tasty so I was very pleased with he quality of the pizzas. They're all so crispy and delicious, so I will definitely recommend going as it's a cheap and speedy way to get pizza of high quality. 

As I'm trying to eat less dairy, I'm hoping they get onboard with the dairy free cheese that other places are starting to serve.

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