Food: Byron Burger, Hoxton

by - 15:58

Today's post is all about the time that me and V attempted to do a lovely walk around Hackney from Islington.  We got as far as Hackney Downs and it started to absolutely pour it down. Instead of doing the logical thing and waiting for the rain to stop and continue walking to Black Kat Cafe, we got on a bus to Hoxton. We ended up in Byron Burger because V really wanted to get her Mac and Cheese and Chicken Wings. I debated for awhile what I wanted to get and ended up settling a Veggie burger and mac and cheese. 

The burger was good especially with the the blue cheese sauce that I ordered with it.  I was especially happy that there was a pickle on the side because I looooove pickles. The mac and cheese was very tasty but  after awhile it was it got a bit too sickly. Overall, I felt that I should have ordered either the burger or just the Mac and Cheese as it was just too much for me.

Next time I return I would like to try one of their milkshakes!

What's your favourite item on their menu?

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