Food: Favorite new vegan snacks

by - 12:00

Hello everyone, I'm back with another one of my food posts! Shockingly this time it isn't one where I am at a restaurant. I really wanted to share this amazing combo that has now become my favourite snack of all time. Rae and I went shopping after we went to Hackney Downs Vegan Market ages ago. We ended up in my favorite place on Earth: WHOLE FOODS. I stumbled upon this massive pot of Avocado Houmous which contains Fresh avocado. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

The second thing I picked up were these Gluten Free and Organic Blue Maize Tortilla Chips to dip  into the Avocado Houmous.  They were not overly salty and had just the right crunch. 

The result? An absolutely delicious combination! These were so good I even ate them for lunch as a full meal ( which I don't think is particularly healthy).

What's your favourite vegan  snack? Do you have any suggestions for me to try?

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