Food: Soft Serve Society, Shoreditch

by - 20:28

Apologies for  having not posted in ages but we're back with a review of Soft Serve Society at Boxpark in Shoreditch. As expected there was a good queue for the ice-cream. However it allowed  us to ponder over what we would wanted to order. 

I was torn between buying a soft serve in a cone or buying one of their elaborate sundae's that cost up to £5.95. There was even one called cloud 9 which had a big cloud of candy floss looming over it.  In the end I decided to get the charcoal ice cream in a black cone because I am goth like that.
E on the other hand got a Matcha sundae which had read bean paste, rice cakes, oreos and pocky.
According to E, it was delicious but it  was very filling. 

My charcoal cone was very interesting too, and oh so delicious. You may be sceptical that a charcoal ice-cream could be even tasty to begin with and I sure was sceptical. However, the charcoal is more of the colour and the grit that you can ever so slightly taste on your tongue.  The ice-cream is pleasantly coconut flavoured and enjoyable down the to very last drop. I'm not entirely sure what the cone was made of, but I can also happily say that it was incredibly delicious as well. 

The experience was so good, I even came back for more when Sonia came to visit me the week after.

Have you tried any soft serve ice creams? What are your recommendations? 

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