Review: DASH Water

by - 13:24

Hello everyone, I'm back again with another post this time i'm featuring DASH water which is a British Sparkling Spring Water. From what I saw in selfridges, this came in either a lemon infused flavour or a cucumber flavoured variety.

I chose the cucumber flavour and V chose the lemon flavour, which made sense so we could try both of them.

The lemon flavour of this was very zesty and refreshing and tasty but I personally preferred the cucumber flavoured drink. 

What I found really cool, was the fact that the brand use 'wonky' vegetables and fruits to infuse their drinks. I thought that this was super great as there is such an issue with food wastage and people not wanting to to buy fruit that isn't 'perfect'.

Either way, I think this is refreshing and a good step towards a more sustainable future.

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