Review: Vitamin Coffee

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Hello Hello everyone,  I recently was sent some coffee from Vitamin Coffee to try out. The samples are part of the their upcoming range and comes in three varieties. These are; Defence, Complete and Energy.  

On to the product descriptions themselves. The coffee's are all medium roasts with added vitamins.
Each packet contains a blend of Asian and African Coffee which are combined with Malabar beans. This combination according the packet leaves a 'never ending finish of chocolate and toffee. As the name suggests,  each coffee is infused with extra vitamins.

Energy contains, vitamin B and added caffeine to support energy release.
Defence contains an infusion of high grade multivitamins which are rich in vitamin C and D which promotes a strong immune system.
Complete  on the other hand has a high grade blend of 14 essential vitamins and minerals which provide complete nutritional support.

The suggested serving is twice a day and each serving being made up of 2 rounded 15g spoons for a strong taste or 1 rounded teaspoon for a milder taste.

As I didn't have a coffee press I brought these into work so I could use Jess' press and it was also an opportunity for her and the rest to try the coffee. The one we decided to try out was 'energy'.
Sorry about the photo, it really isn't the best but at the time it had to do. The coffee I felt, was really good. It wasn't too bitter, it was just right.

In terms of whether it gave me a significant energy boost on top of what a normal caffeine fix would? I feel like it most certainly did.  I felt instantly refreshed and it was just what I needed that day. It was also great that this had added vitamins in it to make me feel better.

I really can't wait to try the other two flavours! Will you be picking these up

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